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    The history corner of the pharmacy in the central pharmacy 17 of Rogachiov District, Gomel RUP "Pharmacy"


    The origins of the pharmaceutical business on the territory of modern Rogachiov district originate from the Middle Ages.

    It is mentioned in the literature that in the Soviet period  during excavations in the village of Zborov Rogachev district, Gomel region among objects and fragments of pharmaceutical vessels of colorless glass XI-XIII centuries were found.

    At the end of XVIII - early XIX centuries in Rogachev district in Mogilev province three small glass enterprises (manufactures) appeared, one of which (place Hizovo)  released the dishes for pharmacies.

    On the base of the  the documents of Belarus National Historical Archive it is known that in 1837 a free (private) pharmacy Anton of Demyanovich Banthelu was already functioning.

    In those days the pharmacy owners and managers changed frequently. For example, in 1888 - 1896  the pharmacy in Rogachiov was owned by the  wife of excise official L.M. Bonch- Bogdanovskaya and  the tenant and the manager were pharmacists I.V. Vargavtig and I.B. Berlyand. During 6 years (1898 – 1904) the pharmacist K.M. Mikhailov was keeping and managing the pharmacy , the pharmacy was situated in Bykhovskaya Str.

    In 1905  the pharmacy was bought by the  pharmacist I.L. Radovic, and soon by the  specialist P.P. Leparskaya, who in 1914 sold it to  A.L. Mints,  the pharmacist M.M. Etingin became the manager . Pharmacy is still located in Bykhovskaya Str. in  Polovitskija's house.

    A  pharmacy in 1907 in Rogachiov

    In the 70s-80s  of XIX century  a rural pharmacy in the place Zhuravichihi began to work, in 1891 it belonged to the  apothecary assistant's wife C..L. Mnukhin, the manager was  Movsha Itskov Mnukhin. The pharmacy was situated at the post station Kristopole. After 1905 a village tradesman opened a pharmacy in this place, an apothecary assistant was S.B. Kagan. In 1910, he handed over the control to the apothecary assistant Z.O. Pinchevsky and in 1914 to Z.B. Dovidov, and he himself  was the owner.

    On the eve of the October Revolution (1917) 2 pharmacies and 3 pharmacy shops were operating  in Rogachev.

    Rogachiov district was formed in 1929 and was a part of the Bobruisk DDistrict until 1938 and during this period  one more pharmacy  was opened in the town of Gorodets and 3  three sanitary stalls , including one in Rogachev.

    To the extent  of the area's liberation from the Nazi invaders buildings ruined by the war began to  restore and among the first were healthcare agencies.

    In December 1943 Nadezhda Denisovna Diatlova became the manager r of the Rogachev regional pharmacy who  worked in this position for 37 years.

    Nadezhda Denisovna Diatlova

    While  Rogachev was occupied, under her leadership  the first pharmacy in the village Podbudy began to work and  then in the village Ugly and Gorodets. Thus, moving from one village to another after the oncoming of the  Red Army a pharmacy opened

    The pharmacy in Rogachev began to work after its release (February 1944). For its location it was given a dilapidated  inhabited house which thanks to the selfless l labor of workers had been completely restored and remodeled.

    Pharmacy in Rogachev in the post-war years

    In the 50s 5 rural pharmacies were working in the Rogachev region, in the 60s - 8. All were housed in converted buildings, private homes. In 1968, the construction of a new  building of Rogachev District pharmacy according to the standard design began. Much work  was done on the aesthetic design of industrial premises and adjacent to the building area.

    The new building of Central pharmacy in 1968

    In September 1969  on the basis of the regional pharmacy the Republican meeting of pharmaceutical workers was held. A pharmacy  was visited by delegations from other cities and republics of the Soviet Union, the guests from many countries.

    Rogachevskaya central pharmacy was one of the first pharmacies in the country established  by the school of advanced experience. The staff of the pharmacy was awarded with  the anniversary diploma of the USSR Ministry of Health and the Central Committee of trade union of medical workers, with the silver medal of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR. The pharmacy was awarded with the title "The establishment of high culture."

    Meeting the delegation of Czechoslovakia

    The high results of the work was a great merit of the district pharmacy manager, his assistants and the whole team of the pharmacy network area  who represented representing a   big solidary family.

    The staff of the pharmacy in 1961.

    From March 1982 to March 1996 TSRA number 17  was led by the pharmacist  Slava Arsentevna Prikhodko, a competent, experienced leader with an active lifestyle. Under her leadership much has been done for  further  development of the pharmacy network of city and the district, work  on the implementation of small machines and elements of scientific organization of labor  into the pharmacy practice was continued.

    In the 90s there were 15 pharmacies, including 10 in rural areas  in the organizational structure of the central district pharmacy.

    Prikhodko Slava Arsentjevna was the head of the central pharmacy number 17 of  Rogachiov district from 1982 to 1996.

    The staff of the pharmacy in 1989

    Since  1996 the head of the central pharmacy number 17 was the  specialist Vladimir  Ilarionovich Kryuchkov. A new stage  the pharmacy network development is connected with the introduction of  the computer equipment, development of computer programs into the pharmacy practice.

    Vladimir  Ilarionovich Kryuchkov has been the head of the Central pharmacy number 17 of Rogachiov district since 1996.


    In different periods of time in the central pharmacy number 17  several generations of emloyees worked selflessly and contributed immensely to the development of pharmacy service.

    Many children and other pharmaceutical workers went in the track of o their parents: Osipova L.T., Prikhodko S.A., Sanitskay A.N., Bondarenko N.F., Yakushenko V.P.,  Kolkova T. I.  and others.

    For  many years of work in the pharmaceutical organizations of  Rogachiov district  a lot of material has been accumulated, which is related to the historical past, the items and equipment that has previously been used in  work. In order to preserve information about the history of the district of pharmacies, the memory of the workers in different periods of time, the preservation and multiplication of traditions in the team, the continuity of generations, the popularization of the profession of pharmaceutical worker  a historical area was organized in the central pharmacy number 17. On the information boards  there are pictures of veterans  of pharmacy service e of the district, materials about historical events in the life of pharmacy teams. On the shelves  various exhibits, books, albums are presented.

    A historical area in the pharmacy №17

    A historical area in the pharmacy №17

    A rotating cabinet for prescription blanks in1967

    Literature of the 40s-50s

    Literature of the 40s-50s

    The requirements in the pharmacy, prescriptions of the war years…

    The requirements in the pharmacy, prescriptions of the war years…


    Devices and objects from the history of control and analytical pharmacy service

    Rogachev pharmacy number 17 in the Soviet period.