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    The cabinet of history of pharmacy (pharmacy №88 RUE "BELPHARMACIA" Minsk)


    The history corner of the pharmacy in the central pharmacy 17 of Rogachiov District, Gomel RUP "Pharmacy"

    The exposition on the pharmacy history on the basis of the pharmacy number 21 Baranovichi Brest RUP "Pharmacy"



    The pharmacy history cabinet

    In May 2015 it was five years since the establishment of the office of pharmacy history. Its opening was timed to the 80th anniversary of the  Belpharmacy management as a unified system of management of the pharmacy services of Belarus and organization of drug supply.


    The Cabinet is situated in the pharmacy of the second category number  8 RUE "BELPHARMACIA" in the Trinity suburb (Minsk, st. Storozhevskaya, 3). The pharmacy building is included in the register of the Republic of Belarus of historical and cultural values.


    Основные задачи кабинета истории фармации:

    • studying and promoting the history of pharmacy practice in Belarus;
    • upbringing of the feeling of importance of the profession and the  sense of pride for  it in young specialists;
    • participation in the activities of the ideological work at the enterprise.


    The total office area is 72.5 sq. m. The cabinet consists of 4 rooms: the cabinet  t of the head of the pharmacy, shopping halls,   the assistant room (decorated in the style of the twentieth century.) and  the training room.





    The pharmaceutical collection of the office includes more than 800 units of pharmacy items and 340 books.

    During 2013 the office received 139 new and extremely valuable exhibits, most of which were  given  by G.V. Godovalnikova and A.A. Sheryakovym free of charge. The office has 32 pharmaceutical books  of the XIX - early XX century, including the pharmacopoeia of the Russian Empire of the first edition (1866), the fourth (1891), the fifth (1902),  the sixth edition (1910); the pharmaceutical index of A. Bergholz (1882); the guide to the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical practice  of H.Hager in 5 volumes (1889 - 1895); the  guide to the qualitative chemical analysis by F. Beilstein (1873); the guide to pharmacognosy by J. Trapp (1869) and others.



    In 2013 the  funds of the cabinet of funds were enriched with one mortar the diameter  of which is 60 cm. Now there 11 mortars in the cabinet, the smallest of which is   homeopathic  and her  diameter is only 1.5 cm.



    In the training room  there is a map of  the Republic of Belarus  on which settlements   where private pharmacies in 1914 functioned, as well as the presence of drugstores nowadays are marked.The number of currently existing pharmacies (retail, hospital), pharmaceutical warehouses and industrial enterprises is stated  regardless of the form of ownership in section of each region and Minsk.



    The cabinet is not a tourist attraction, as the first floor of pharmacy №88. The   cabinet is  intended for health care professionals.

    In the training room  thematic  showcases dedicated to the anniversaries of the birth of the organizers of the pharmaceutical business, who made a significant contribution to the development of pharmacy services of Belarus, Victory Day, etc. are regularly organized.


    In this room  there are also 17 photo albums and videos, which reflect the development of domestic pharmacy in the past and in the present. On the basis of the cabinet  classes on the  pharmacy history of Belarus  are held  with the pharmacy students of educational institutions of pharmaceutical profile, extending the practice of enterprise-based pharmacies,  the students  of refresher courses, etc.




    During the period of  the office functioning it was visited by 1,300 people. Among them  there are visitors from other countries - MD, Associate Professor,  the Institute of   Riga Pharmacy History  of  Stradynia  Maya Pozemkovska; the head of the department of herbal medicine of the Russian  University of People's Friendship, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Academy of Natural Sciences V.F. Korsun, the students of the 4th course of the pharmacy faculty of Poznan Medical University and others.



    They love to visit the office of the pharmaceutical service The veterans  of the pharmaceutical service of Belarus Gavrilova O.L., Deshiovaja T.G., Kostyuchenko O.I.,   Solovej V.I., Mironova G.M. and others also love to visit the office. The history  pharmacy office was twice visited  by Dombrowa T.V., now living in the United States. All veterans gave to the office  valuable historical books and pharmacy items free of charge.

    On  25 May 2013 on the basis of the  pharmacy history office there was a meeting of the  graduates from Belarus who graduated from the  Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute 50 years ago(now St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy).

    To the anniversary meeting from different parts of Belarus  12 pharmacists of 34  arrived.Unfortunately, some are dead, and others were unable to attend for good reasons.


    On June 1 2013 the pharmacy history office was visited by the  delegation consisting of the rector of the St. Petersburg chemical and pharmaceutical academy, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor Narkevich I.A., the chief of a pharmaceutical company in Bishkek (Kirgizia) Hudayberdiev T.M.,  the dean of the pharmacy faculty of the Belarusian State Medical University, Professor Gurina N.S. and director general of RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA" Kovalchuk I.E.

    The leading specialist of  the organizational department of pharmaceutical  department of RUE "BELPHARMACIA" Sosonkina V.F. acquainted with the exhibits of the history office, which have been collected  for many years with love by pharmacists and druggists from all the corners of Belarus, gave some interesting facts from the history of pharmaceutical education and pharmacy business in Belarus and Russia.

    Guests watched albums with photos from different periods, including  the album of graduates of the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute, 1963. (Now St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy). In honor of the 50th anniversary of graduating  the pharmacists of Belarus published a booklet in which  photos of student days and labor activity in the pharmacies of Belarus are published. At the request of colleagues  the booklet  was handed to Narkevich I.A., who is from Gomel. As a keepsake visitors were presented the  booklet on the history of the pharmacy study , books and other reference material about the development of the pharmaceutical service in the Republic of Belarus.



    On October 3, 2013 the office of pharmacy history  was visited by  the members of the Eurasian Economic Commission of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.




    RUE "BELPHARMACIA" cooperates with many medical educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

        On February 21, 2014 the faculty of the department of clinical pharmacology of the Minsk State Medical University, headed by  Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences  Khapalyuk   A.V. acquainted with the organization of the pharmacy number 88 RUE "BELPHARMACIA"  of  the drug provision of the population and visited the office of pharmacy history.