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    The exposition on the pharmacy history on the basis of the pharmacy number 21 Baranovichi Brest RUP "Pharmacy"

    In accordance with the order of the Brest RUP "Pharmacy" from 29.12. 2012 № 281 "About the historical exposition" on the basis of the  pharmacy number 21 Baranovichi Brest RUP "Pharmacy"  an exhibition on the pharmacy history of Brest region was organized.

    Until now  the two-storeyed building of the  pharmacist Stanislaw Laevsky has remained in Baranovichi, it was built by him in the late 20-s of the last century near the Polesie railway station ( Zhvyrka Str., 15).

    A state pharmacy has been here for more than 70 years. The street has been renamed seven times. For many years, it has been called Thalmann, 15, where the pharmacy number 21 is situated.

    Since 2007 the building of the pharmacy has been included into the list of monuments protected by the state.

    The building of the pharmacy was built in the Art Nouveau style, under the influence of the national Polish-Polesya architecture. The picture of 1938 has been preserved, where  the  balcony is decorated with an icon and a  flower arrangement to St. John's Day. Under the balcony of the first floor there is an inscription «Apteka Stanislawa Lajewskiego», in the central window there are corbels «APTEKA Provizora farmacji ST. LAJEWSKIEGO ». On the ground floor of the building there was  a pharmacy, on the first floor  there was a laboratory and habitable rooms.

      Baranovichi: After the nationalization of  the pharmacy in 1946 Stanislav Laevsky went to Poland.

    A former pharmacy of the pharmacist Laevsky was given to the  formed Baranavichy regional branch of the Ministry of Health of the BSSR pharmacy management GAPU.

    Since 1946  at a drugstore an optical workshop, a pharmacy and sanitary stalls began to open, there were four of them  in 1948.

    On the second floor of the pharmacy from 1954 to 1993 a control and analytical laboratory was functioning, and since 1982 – the inquiry pharmacy service of Baranovichi. On April 1, 1995 transferred to the pharmacy  was  transferred into the pharmacy of  drug products.

    In 2010-2011 the Central Pharmacy of Baranovichi  №10 Brest RUP "Pharmacy" was renovated with elements of the restoration of the pharmacy building №21.

    On the first floor there is a  necessary set of pharmacy premises provided  with  Good Pharmacy Practice and referral service.

    The interior of the pharmacy trade hall is very unusual. In the hall there is a huge image based on the medieval engravings in sgraffito style.

    Two massive wooden staircase are leading to the second floor of the pharmacy. Once upon a time there were living quarters  of the pharmacist. Under the stairs there are  household items: flashlight, churn, pranic (ribbed wooden stick for linen), a unique scale.

    On the second floor  an exhibition on the history of pharmacy is organized. The total area of the historical exposition is 95 sq. m. The exposition is presented in three offices.

    A brick wall attracts the attention, it has been  preserved in its original form. There are old sheets of ads, pictures of the pharmacy building photos pharmacies  and pharmacy workers in Baranovichi in the mid-20th century, many people are no longer alive, but the memory of them is carefully stored.

    Original objects are also exhibited: a document about how to obtain the title of apothecary assistant (1919), a book on medicine and pharmacy (1908 and 1929), chemist's signatures,  pharmacopoeia and others.

    The office was organized, where probably Mr.Laevsky worked. On the table there is a book of orders in 1947, the report on the work of pharmacies for 1952.

    Another room resembles a chemical laboratory, where there are more than   450 pieces of various items (laboratory and chemist glassware - glass and pottery), a distiller, equipment, vehicles, medical equipment, an infundirny apparatus, mortars of various sizes, which were used by  the workers of this pharmacy in the 50s of the last century.

    In this room there is  a herbarium of medicinal plants, presented by the Vitebsk Medical University, there is also a decorated area of dried medicinal herbs.

    The adjacent to the pharmacy areais beautified as  'the garden pharmacy. "

    On the basis of the pharmacy number 21 there are constantly different events: meeting of veterans of the pharmacy network TSRA number 10, the dedication to the profession of young professionals, a production meeting with the heads of pharmacies, a national seminar on exchange of experience in enterprise "Pharmacy", etc.

    The head of TSRA number 10 Svetlana Konstantinovna Bartkiewicz thanks  everyone who contributed to the creation of this exhibition, and invites the medical community to participate in its replenishment.