New pharmacies RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA". Details below:

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New pharmacies RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA". Details below:


We have become nearer!

We are happy to announce that RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA" is actively expanding its network of pharmacies. Since the beginning of 2016  15 pharmacies have been opened.

8 of them are located in grocery stores or shopping centres:

 - n the 1st floor of the store Vitalyur at  Krupskaya Str., 6 (factory area) pharmacy began  to work  on February 2 ,2016.

2 pharmacies opened in the distribution network "Evroopt" -  since March 4, at  Matusevich Str., 35  (Frunze district) and since June Slobodskaja Str, 131 (Moscow region)

 - In January 2016  in the retail chain "Prostor"  two pharmacies opened – in  Uborevicha Str., 181 and Partizanskij Prospekt, 181

 - recently since July, 21  a pharmacy on the 1st floor of the supermarket "Neighbours" Logoiski tr-t, 7   has been receiving guests (Sovetsky district)

- since January, 25   a pharmacy in the shopping centre "Tivali"  Pritytskogo Str. , 29 has been operating

- on the first floor of a specialized retail market "Uruchcha-3" in Nikiforov Str., 51 (Pervomaisky district)  a pharmacy has opened since July 12


For the convenience and proximity of medicinal help to the population RUP BELPHARMATSIYA "is expanding its presence in the so-called" sleeping" areas of the city -  pharmacies are opened in houses:

 - In Kozlova Str.,16-2 (Partizansky district) - from April 27, 2016

 - a pharmacy in the Moscow district in Karolinskaya Str., 2 - since April 1, 2016

 - Since July 19 a pharmacy in Shchorsa Str., 11 (Moscow region), not far from the metro station Grushevka

- On the 1st floor of the nonresidential premises in Pritytskogo Str.,8 (Frunze district) since June 14  this year

Health stations haven't been ignored either:

 - On F. Skaryna Str., 24/2 (Partizanskij district) on the 1st floor of the state establishment "The centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery" serves visitors from 01.03.2016

 - in Nikoforova Str., 3 in the building of the healthcare agency "8th city polyclinic" in February  a new pharmacy opened

 - In February 2016 on the 2nd floor of the healthcare agency '19th central district clinic of Pervomaisky district of Minsk " a  pharmacy also began to work.

We are not stopping at what has been accomplished, and in early August a pharmacy of the fifth category is planning to open its doors as a part of the pharmacy number 74 in Kazintsa Str., 120-443 (October district) on the first floor of the house.

In new pharmacies, as well as in other pharmacies of the company, there is a wide range of medicines and other pharmaceutical. New pharmacies provide a full range of pharmaceutical services, including:

-selling medicines and bandaging materials on favorable terms and free of charge

-takes electronic prescriptions

-provides a 10% discount on medicines  of domestic production

-the holders of the  loyalty program payment cards "Mocnaya karta" when paying off in the pharmacy with the card  will get a discount 10%, when buying domestic pharmaceuticals , the rest of the range of goods – 2%,

-serves the customers of  the insurance companies "Beleximgarant" and "Midsummer".

Pharmacy specialists will inform you about the availability of drugs,  advise on the rules of use and keeping them at home, and also about the questions of  disease prevention and healthy lifestyle.

The cozy interior, qualified specialists create a comfortable environment to visit.

Thank you for choosing our pharmacy network and be healthy!