On July 21,2016 is the 40th anniversary of pharmacy 58 RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA". Details below:

Main/News / On July 21,2016 is the 40th anniversary of pharmacy 58 RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA". Details below:

On July 21,2016 is the 40th anniversary of pharmacy 58 RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA". Details below:


the 40th anniversary of pharmacy 58 RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA"


July 10, 2017  there was a solemn event dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the opening of pharmacy 58 in Minsk. At the request of the team the celebration took place directly in the pharmacy, on a non-working day for it - Sunday.

 The veterans of the pharmacy, as well as the  former head of the pharmacy management of Minsk City Executive Committee Yaroslav Nikolaevich Swede were invited to the meeting.


The head of the pharmacy 58,  the chairman of the city branch of ROOF  R FARMABEL" Irina Kolodych made a historical digression  of the pharmacies in the form of  a presentation.

The pharmacy opened its doors for the residents of the new residential area of the capital Kurasovshchina on April 6, 1976.


The first head of the pharmacy was Valentina  Michajlovna Ivanovich. Despite the short period in   this position (1976 - 1978), she devoted much effort to the organization of a new pharmacy and unity of the personnel.

Under her leadership already in 1977 the  personnel of the pharmacy 58  won first place in a socialist competition among pharmacies of the pharmacy management with the award of Red Banner of the Minsk city executive committee and the regional committee of the trade union of health care workers.


For 26 years (1978 - 2004) Lidia Grishechkina was heading the pharmacy. During this period the pharmacy  advanced forms of public service (guaranteed method badge system for taking prescriptions, door-to-door delivery of medicines for the  invalids of Great Patriotic War and others.) were introduced in the pharmacy.

The veterans of the pharmacy Shpetnaya R.I., Vihrova O.N, Yurinok TV,  who worked at the  pharmacy 58  for more than 25 years remembered about this and other things.



The merits of the pharmacy 58 team were noted by Y.N. Swede. In his speech he emphasized the high professionalism, their dedication to their chosen profession and the importance of the transfer of the collective good traditions to the younger generation.


Since the opening to the present time  the pharmacy has been  a manufacturing pharmacy.

On its basis there is  practical training and internship  for future specialists. At a festive meeting  the members of the team welcomed a young specialist Rachitskaya M.S., a graduate of the educational establishment "Mogilev College


During the event there were shown  amateur numers, prepared by the  pharmacy staff and their children.

The initiator of the organization of the festival  was  Irina Kolodych. For the last 12 years she has been holding helm of the ship "Drugstore 58», whose crew consists of 35 people, including 29 pharmacists. The organizational structure consists of two pharmacies of the fourth category   and one pharmacy of the fifth category.


And what a celebration without a birthday cake!

     We wish the staff of pharmacy 58 RUP "BELPHARMATSIYA" successful and happy voyage to the benefit of their patients.